Plan the Best Pre-Wedding Activities for Your Guests
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Plan the Best Pre-Wedding Activities for Your Guests

Pre-wedding activities have evolved tremendously throughout the years. Any Indian wedding celebration is incomplete without the explicit ‘Halla Gulla’ or the funky ‘Bhangra’ in our ‘Shaadis.’ But here’s the good news: you won’t have to do much of the effort for these pre-wedding activities.

It’s ideal to assign the duty of brainstorming pre-wedding party ideas to your friends and family, and completely trust them when it comes to selecting the theme, food, clothes, and other event preparation tasks. If you’re still hesitant and want them to know what to expect, check out our pre-wedding cheat sheet, which includes some ideas for enjoying the pre-wedding craziness.

The Marriage!
You’re excited to notify your family and close friends and engage them in your delight now that it’s official, he/she has proposed, and you’ve accepted. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the engagement party. Anyone who wants to assist with your wedding plans may do so by arranging an amazing engagement party.

Everyone is a romantic at heart, therefore now is your chance to tell the world about your fantastic love story. In the form of signs, you might create a gorgeous sign with a timeline of how the two of you met and your journey together. Share photos from the beginning of your relationship till he or she proposed to you. When you display a movie collection of images, everyone will cry.

The Sangeet of Sureela!
Consider surprising everyone with a flash mob. Hiring a group of synchronised dancers is a terrific way to create a high-energy ambiance and set the tone for the remainder of the evening.

You have to agree that the sangeet is one of the most anticipated events at every wedding. The rhythms and motions keep the evening vibrant, pleasant, and memorable (with some crazy shots thrown in for good measure!). If you can turn your sangeet celebration into something wild and cheerful, your guests will instantly join in.

Karaoke is a well-known event craze that never goes out of style and can dramatically transform any party night. Bring out your inner rockstar and make your sangeet event one to remember by screaming out some of your favorite item numbers and rocking out with your friends and family.

“Dholki Wali Mehndi”
The Mehendi ceremony is one of the most serious and important pre-wedding rites in a bride’s life. On the Mehendi ki Raat, the lovely bride-to-be has stunning Mehendi patterns on her feet and hands. Aside from being a fun pre-wedding ceremony, Mehendi has a lot of symbolic significance.

Many brides have their prospective husband’s name buried away in the pattern of Mehendi, and the husband is supposed to find it out. The color of the Mehendi is considered to represent the couple’s love and is also a symbol of fertility. You may be wondering how to make a Mehendi function more entertaining. Here are some suggestions for making your Mehendi celebration more fun.

You may host a dholki event at your Mehendi and invite your friends and family to attend. This tournament may be set up for your most boisterous visitors, and you can ask them to compete in playing the dhol with the help of the musicians and their instruments.

You may serve haath phool and jhumars to the women: It’s also a great time for antaksharis, ring the bottle, and other entertaining activities.

The Exciting Haldi
The Haldi custom is immensely significant in Indian weddings. Haldi is thought to protect against disaster and to be auspicious. A Haldi celebration, like any other, is accompanied with laughing, smiles, and a lot of fun.

The bonds of companionship make any occasion more memorable. What could be more precious than having your closest friends and family present at one of your most important life occasions, such as your wedding? Why not show the world your friendship by wearing color-coordinated apparel for you and your gal pals? Consider how much fun you and your pals will have posing for shots and matching in color. Isn’t it just perfect?

You have to admit that the Haldi ceremony and floral jewelry go along well. Floral neckpieces, earrings, bangles, mang tikas, and haath phools take the event to a whole new level, making each shot beautiful.

Coconut water is a refreshing alternative to alcoholic drinks. You may also serve some cool coconut water to let your guests relax and enjoy the rest of the event.