How to Update Your Farmhouse-Style House
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How to Update Your Farmhouse-Style House

Five years ago, farmhouse décor was at the pinnacle of home design trends. Since farmhouse reached its pinnacle, interior designers have gone on to a number of other design trends, resulting in an overflow of farmhouse décor that now seems antiquated.

Fortunately, if you still enjoy your farmhouse home, you don’t have to completely renovate to remain fashionable. Here are a few essential strategies to enhance your farmhouse décor without switching styles:

Doors and Trim in Black
The quickest, simplest, and least expensive approach to refresh your farmhouse style without drastically altering your décor is to paint certain areas of your home black. Paint your lower kitchen cabinets, a board and batten wall, a fireplace, and other design components. You should use caution while choosing the proper shade of black to compliment the other colors in your home.

Fixtures for lighting
Light fixtures are intriguing ornamental components because they are so vital to the atmosphere of a place, yet they seldom define the aesthetic of a room. Thus, replacing your rustic light fixtures with something more contemporary will not result in a style conflict in your house; rather, it will make your area seem new and trendy.

This is particularly true for ornamental light fixtures in high-traffic areas of your house. You may swap out the hefty wagon wheel chandelier above your dining room table for something lighter and more elegant. Similarly, the pendant lights above your kitchen island may be replaced with simple and stylish fixtures.

Look for a farmhouse ceiling fan with clean lines and minimal lighting. This will integrate the styles in your home, providing you with the color palette of your farmhouse décor as well as the simple elegance of a more contemporary design. However, before doing any electrical repair on your own, you should check with your homeowners’ insurance to see whether you are protected.

Barn Door Replacement
A barn door is an excellent method to divide rooms without totally closing them off. Even the word “barn door” conjures up images of a very traditional farmhouse. If you have barn doors that seem to be from a genuine barn, you may update your décor by replacing them with more contemporary barn door models. For example, you might buy a French-style barn door with glass panes or make your own barn door with an unusual design or texture.

Accent Wall White dominates the farmhouse design, although grays and dark blues may also be used in your home. While this makes it easy to include the aesthetic’s organized clutter, it may also get monotonous when every wall is the same flat tone. That is why you should consider adding an accent wall to your house.

Painting one wall in a color that compliments the tone of the rest of the area while breaking up the monotony of the present design is the simplest approach to create an accent wall. You are not, however, limited to painting. Wallpaper has become fashionable, and peel-and-stick alternatives make it simpler than ever to install wallpaper fast and without causing damage to your walls. You may also make your own board and batten wall in any design for a typical farmhouse look.

Contemporary Art
Even if you don’t put a life-sized painting of a cow on your living room wall, your house will scream “farmhouse.” You are going above and beyond with the farmhouse style by decorating your home with farm-themed art, so to lessen the impression of the farm, replace some of your bigger artworks with more neutrally lovely art pieces. Hanging vibrant and trendy prints, for example, may bring motion and excitement to your area. For more significant décor, you could even get your family involved in the creation of art by using techniques such as acrylic pouring or palette knife painting.

Just because the interior design trendsetters have shifted to a new look doesn’t mean you have to forsake your lovely house. However, by making a few essential tweaks, you may give your rooms a new lease of life.