Tips For Charging Your Electric Vehicle Effectively
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Tips For Charging Your Electric Vehicle Effectively

Electric vehicles are flooding the automobile market. By 2030 we expect to have approximately 125 million EVs. The transition from filling out petrol stations to plugging them in virtually anywhere is being made by first-time electric vehicle buyers. Here are some ways to get the most out of your charge.

First, you must decide which charging method suits your daily needs. Charge at home overnight for everyday commutes will give you the most range. This is the cheapest and most popular way to charge your phone. The option to charge the battery on the go is also available. You can plug your EV into a charging adapter or use it while you are at work. You can make your long trips more enjoyable by planning.

Understanding EV charging modes and levels is a second factor. There are three stages of EV charging. Depending on how quickly the energy is delivered, each level gives you the option to charge your EV at a different speed. The optimal charger for you will depend on the charging voltage, speed, and plug type that is best for your vehicle. Your EV battery will be charged to its full potential as a result. However, this article’s additional fantastic charging recommendations will help you keep your EV running for a very long time. Keep reading;

Top Tips To Help You Get EV Charging

Easy and quick EV charging is possible. These methods will assist you in your transition to EVs, which are still relatively new. Here are some tips to get your electric car charging process smooth.

1. Download Apps

There will be many options to charge your electric vehicle as the infrastructure improves. You should plan your route. Many free apps are available. These apps allow for tailored route planning according to the type of your electric vehicle. You can track your distance and view all available charging stations. The apps will let you know if there are charging stations available, and if so, when they are. No wasted journeys are made. Some apps even allow you to list the home charging station of other drivers in your vicinity.

2. Have A Handy Portable Charger

It is always good for you to have a backup. You can’t plan everything perfectly, so be prepared for anything! Portable chargers make it easy to keep an extra supply of power available in case you need it. You can charge your portable chargers using household sockets. A cost-effective method to get a charge after you have met with friends or from your home.

3. Travel Outside Of Peak Hours

If possible, avoid peak hours. These times are when there will be fewer charging outlets. If charging points are available at peak hours, you’ll end up paying more as electricity prices rise during these hours (e.g. 8-11 am and 4-10 pm).

4. Keep It Cool

Always park your electric vehicle in the shade whenever you can. The battery life can be shortened if the temperature is too high. Similar to how your smartphone would react if placed in direct sunlight.

5. Join An EV Community Platform

By joining a platform on any of your favorite social media platforms, you can keep up to date on the latest EV trends and news. Another way to keep in touch is to search for discussion topics on platforms such as Reddit or Facebook. You can ask any questions regarding your electric journey.

6. Take Care Of Your Battery

This seems obvious. However, it is important to care for your Electric car battery. This will ensure that your vehicle lasts a lifetime. As an example, don’t let your battery drain before charging. Your battery should be charged at 30%. For maximum battery life, keep it at 80%. Most EVs have a built-in buffer to make sure you don’t charge too much. You should also limit how often you charge your EV. You can drain your battery life by using fast chargers.