How do Air Coolers Work?
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How do Air Coolers Work?

Air coolers are great for keeping cool in hot conditions. They provide more cooling power than fans and aren’t as expensive as air conditioners.

Both blow cool air into rooms, so you might think they are the same. Air con units use refrigerant gas, quickly chilling the air like your fridge. The downside is that the machinery required to do this is expensive, bulky, and heavy.

Air coolers cool air using an organic cooling process called “evaporative cooling.” They don’t require complex machinery. They also cost less, are lighter, more portable, and have a lower price. They also require much less electricity, making them more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. They aren’t as powerful as air-con units, and you shouldn’t expect them to be. But they still provide enough chill to cool most homes and offices.

What Does Evaporative Cooling Mean?

Evaporative cooling happens when water is passed through the air. Water evaporates to take some heat out of the air. This is why it feels so cold to blow in the sea breeze! Evaporative coolers are also known as air coolers. These coolers use the natural cooling process to provide a more refreshing breeze.

Evaporative Cooling In An Air Cooler: How Does It Work?

An air chiller consists of three main components: a tank with water, an absorbent cover, and a fan. You fill the tank with cold liquid and let the absorbent cover soak it in. The water from the sheet cools the air. For a natural, refreshing breeze in your home, this cool air is blown by the fan.

Each air cooler comes with two free ice packets. These can also be frozen and placed in the water tank to provide even greater cooling.

How to Clean My Air Cooler?

Air conditioners can be more complicated than air cooling units, making them easier to maintain. You need to change the water tank once per day. This will prevent the water tank from becoming stagnant. It also helps to prevent unpleasant odors from building up.

Sometimes, the absorbent material within the unit might need cleaning. If you use it often, it will be wet and may smell a bit musty. Most air coolers can be removed so you can clean them. 

What If My Air Cooler Isn’t Filled With Water?

This all depends on your air cooler. Most air conditioners have some water pump. This can cause damage if you do not fill the tank. Our air coolers feature a “cool” button that allows you to switch between an air cooler and a fan-only mode. The water pump automatically shuts off when you press that button. You can then use the fan like any other normal fan. This is great for those days that it’s not quite warm enough to warrant the extra cooling power.

Does an Air Cooler Humidify the air?

It might seem like humid air is stuffy and unpleasant, but in some cases, it can be very refreshing. High humidity often causes a burning sensation in the skin. Humid air can have surprising health benefits if it circulates in a room. It can reduce the chance of getting diseases and moisturize your skin. It’s also great for sleep problems as it prevents you from developing dry throats at night.

The air coolers’ breeze is naturally full of water vapor because they use evaporated liquid water to cool the air. This air is high in humidity, but you don’t feel uncomfortable. You can enjoy all the benefits of humid air and still feel fresh and cool.