Make Your Office Space Colourful and Vibrant with Versatile Oil Paintings
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Make Your Office Space Colourful and Vibrant with Versatile Oil Paintings

Have you ever walked into any office and felt your mood lift? This is due to the office décor and interiors. Oil paintings also have a great contribution here. Seeing bring and vibrant pictures of patterns, designs, or even landscapes can help boost your energy.

Pick the Right Paintings

The office is a space where people should feel motivated to work. You do not want to hang paintings that do not have appeal and give out the right message. If you are looking for something vibrant and unique for your office space, then Lana’s painting artworks might be the place to shop.

Lana Zueva artist specializes in oil paintings and every work of hers speaks volumes. She also offers commission works for her customers. If you have a particular painting in mind, you can contact her directly and share your requirements with her.

Now, you cannot be impulsive and purchase any paintings of your choice. You need to consider the environment or the space for which you are purchasing the painting. If you are planning to hang paintings in the cafeteria or lobby, then go for bold and vibrant colours to enforce positivity.

If you want to ease away office stress or drive away Monday blues, you can choose paintings with warm colours or having scenic views. This will induce a sense of calm and peacefulness and your employees will be reinforced with enthusiasm throughout the day.

Ensure that your paintings match the theme of your office walls. If you want paintings in your meeting rooms, you can go for bold and unique colours that can help people to think creatively. In the reception, you can opt for paintings in blue or grey to help people feel relaxed.

Employees should be Able to Relate to the Paintings

A lot of thought should be given while choosing oil paintings for your office. For each painting that you choose for your office, your employees need to relate to the same. You can decide on a subject such as wildlife, landscapes, or portraits that will give your employees a chance to speak on or break the ice with other colleagues. 

Your paintings can also help to build your brand image. If you are in the tourism sector, you can have your paintings depict important landmarks in different countries. This can help keep your brand image vivid in your clients’ minds.

You can even make use of your brand colours to mimic the paintings on your walls. Commission artwork can also emphasize your brand values. Some other tips that you can keep in mind include:

  • Choose abstract, modern, traditional, or combination styles for your office
  • Do not limit to one painting in one room
  • If your office space is huge, you can easily accommodate two or three paintings on the walls
  • Purchase paintings as per the size of your office walls
  • Include your employees and take their opinions and ideas on the same


Take your time choosing the right oil painting for your office space. You can even take the help of experts on what paintings will best suit your office space.